Table Mountain National Park


Hello everyone,

Last week I signed up for the UCT Mountain Club at university, which is basically a hiking and climbing club. Today I finally got the chance to hike up the table mountain. I still cannot belive what I just did. It was insane. I didn't expect a trip like that. We took a route called "Kloofs Corner", which definately wasn't a beginner walk at all. Before we headed of they told us, we can only join if we are not afraid of height at all. I mean, I am not afraid of height , but that was crazy! For me there is a difference between being afraid of height or to venture one's life. The first half of the walk was alright. Steep and exhausting, but safe. We even took some high school kids from a township called Kayelitsha with us. The second half was only for those, that wanted to be a bit more adventurous. The school kids were not allowed to join. Some of the sections were just super steep and dangerous. Insane. Some parts were literally vertical and above an enormous gorge. That would not have been a problem, if we had climbing gear with us, but that was proper rock climbing. It took me some time to convince myself to actually do it. Beside the incredibly high risk, it was probably one of the most spectacular and beautiful hikes I ever did.

Adrenalin rush and pure nature!

Beautiful Lion's Head!  That place was insane. I am literally standing in an approx. 2 meter wide rock crevice of the table mountain. Turning around I would see the twelve apostles.

Crazy shit! Doesn't look to bad, but only because you can't see the approx. 100 meter chasm beneath me. I will never ever do that again, mummy!!!!Insane! I will'll never ever do that again mummy!!!:D

So proud! And full of adrenaline! Managed my first bit of rock climbing! Dassies :) Dassies :)We made it! After a 5 hour hike finally on top of the Table Mountain!!!

Talk soon!:)


Birthday-Weekend-Getaway: Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope & Boulders Bay


Hey there!:)

My birthday weekend started of at a house party in Rondebosch on Friday (very close to campus). The idea was that I celebrate my birthday there. At around 11.30pm, however, suddenly the sound system wouldn’t work anymore. We decided to quickly order an Uber and head of to the city so that we are in some cool Capetonian club when I am turning 26. That didn't work out though and we ended up celebrating in the car. It was a very fun trip though, with an overloaded car full of half-drunk people. Once we arrived in the CBD we checked out some clubs and then finally ended up in Tjing Tjing, which is a very cool rooftop bar on Kloof Street. The next day, which was my birthday, we went out for dinner and had a beautiful evening at Hussar Grill, a nice Steak House in Camps Bay. 


On Sunday we went on a roadtrip to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope...


... and then to Boulders Bay to see the Penguins. Little cutiiiies!!! <3

I am still impressed by all that wildlife we spotted and the beautiful nature.<3

Talk soon guuuys!:*


Lion's Head Hike


Hey heeey :))

Today Janina and I hiked up the Lion's Head. It took us about 1 hour to get up there. Such a beautiful hike and a great exercise.:D It's very close to my appartment in Vredehoek. Probably about 2 kilometers from where the hike starts.

I am sure, I will be back soon! 


Greetings from Cape Town! <3




My first couple of weeks in Cape Town....


Hello everyone,

I have now been in Cape Town for almost 2 weeks already. It is definitely time to give you a short update of what has been happening so far.

Alright, I am ging to start at the very beginning of my journey. When I finally touched down in Cape Town, the first South African person I talked to was this police officer at the immigration. It was quite an awkward situation as he did not only ask for my passport, but also for my mobile phone number.:D Apparently, he thought it would be a great idea to go out for some drinks some time.:D I honestly couldn’t believe what he just said, so I kept going ignoring it. What a strange situation????:D Hello South Africa. There we go! :D Well, I am pretty glad he still let me into the country without giving him any further personal details.:D

Since my flatmate Mona, a 35-year-old American girl, was busy travelling for work the first week of my arrival, she sent a very good friend to the airport to pick me up – Jochen. He was just super kind and helpful, handed over the keys, and dropped me of at my apartment in Vredehoek. I just love my new place. It’s quite a big apartment right below the table mountain. We have got a terrace, a garden, beautiful view onto the sea, skyline of Cape Town, and the table mountain itself.


Jochen also showed me how the whole lot of alarm systems work. I was quite impressed by how many security systems we have in the house…. One electric fence all around the place, laser beamers in the garden, an alarm system for inside the house, and three locked doors before I am actually inside the house.:D He told me that if I am going to press this button, this and that is gonna happen, and if I open the windows before I actually unlock everything, the alarm will go off. Then the police would call me or even come to the house straight away and I would have to remember a certain password to assure that I am not a burglar.:D The first couple of days I managed alright. I mean, it took me some time to get inside and outside the house, but never mind. A few days later though, when all that started to become a bit more familiar, I forgot to unlock the alarm system before I opened a window and the sirens went off.:D Whoooops!:D 

The first days I felt quite a bit uncomfortable to get around myself, because I have heard so many bad horror stories before I left Germany. So I decided to take an Uber (basically a taxi) wherever I go to. It’s a pretty easy and cheap way to get around, however, it starts to sum up. Lucky, I started to build up confidence from day to day. Now, I catch a bus down the street and then hop on one of those free shuttles to get to university. Once it starts to get dark, an Uber is recommended though! There are so many homeless people walking through the streets, begging for money, etc. They sleep and sit everywhere. Very sad situation…. and definitely a situation I still need to get used to. The other day, when I came back from university, a man, who was doing some road work right in front of our house was asking me for some water. Apparently, even if people do have jobs, a lot of them still suffer from poverty.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you what I have been up to so far. Well, I arrived on a Sunday. On Monday the orientation program started straight away. We went on a sightseeing trip through Cape Town...


...and along a very pretty scenic drive, called Chapman’s Peak Drive.

Chapman's Peak Drive <3

On our way back to Cape Town, we stopped in a little town called Oceans View, where a local school performed some dances and songs for us and welcomed us to South Africa. It was just cute and quite emotional, because those people were so proud of what they where doing and very happy to have us there. “That’s most likely be the closest we’ll ever get to any other country. Thanks for being here.”

Welcoming by a local school in Oceans View

After the tour finished, Janina, another international student, and I decided to watch the sunset on Signal Hill.

View from top of Signal Hill 

The next day, there was an official welcoming ceremony at the University of Cape Town. We heard a lot of “safety talks”, some organisational stuff, and had a drumming lesson, which was quite fun!:D

University of Cape Town - Upper Campus. :) 

At the end of the first week I finally got to know my flatmate Mona. We went out for lunch at a place called "The Bungalow" in Clifton and had a great day on the beach!

All other days since then I kept exploring the city and… drank wine.:D That’s apparently how a normal day in South Africa is supposed to be.:D I met so many new people already and made friends from all over the world. It’s just been a fantastic time so far and an experience that has just started!!!

My new international friends from America, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany :)  Yours Truly in Kloof Street

I will keep you updated!

Lots of love to Germany,


Counting days...One week to go!


Hello everyone,

unreal how time is flying by. Only 7 days to go and I will start into a new adventure. Next Friday (08.07.2016) I will be heading to Cape Town for a semester abroad at the University of Cape Town. I just feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do so and I cannot wait to discover this beautiful country! Right now, however, I feel a little bit sad as well to leave my family and friends behind again. I think I have only just started realising whats happening.:D


Semester Study Abroad in Cape Town!!!???